Portfolio entry #14 - My final reflection-

Writing takes so much time, and it is such a hard process that it would be a pity not to keep a record of what we write. This is one of the reasons why I consider the portfolio a good record for our writings and assignments. Apart from this, the teacher can have a plain record to evaluate students meanwhile students evaluate their own work during all the year. In addition, I consider the portfolio is a useful way of summarizing all the work we have done throughout the year. As a result of this, we can take it into account for the final exam. Last, I think the portfolio meant much effort, but it is meaningful for us.

Portfolio entry # 13 - Reflection on writing-

Writing is a productive skill on which you have to work if you want to get a good final product. This takes time and a lot of practice. Imagine how difficult it would be if we did not have a theory that supports what we write. For instance, you are writing an Essay, and you have no idea on how to organize your ideas or use conjunctions. That would not have a good result. Probably, the reader will not understand or interpret your ideas properly. So theory is important. In my case, theory has helped me a lot to have a clearer view on my writings. Yet, I have many things to improve, but now I have the necessary tools to change and improve my writing capacity.

Portfolio entry # 12 -Videos-

Video 1 The inspector´s objective is to acquire a perfect American English accent so as to avoid suspicion. “I am going to America, I am going to have to speak with a flawless American accent, so as not to arouse suspicion.”, he says. The problem is that his French accent is so strong that although he tries and practices a lot he can't achieve it.
Video 2 Even though people speak the same language and share the accent of the same language, still they can misunderstand each other because of sharing different dialects. Apart from this, some negative features of the language such as mispronouncing words, overusing idiomatic phrases, lack of vocabulary and grammar can lead to a mismatch among people. In this video, even though all the students speak the same language and share the same dialect, they find it really difficult to understand one another. On the contrary, someone who does not belong to their group would fail in understanding them since their dialect is connected with their ag…

Portfolio entry # 11 -Chapters 18, 19 y 20 -Yule-

Summary of the BOOK: Yule, G (2016). The Study of Language. Chapters 18, 19 & 20 . U.K.: CUP.

Chapter 18
This chapter is focused on language and its variations depending on where the language is used.
. The standard language
This is an idealized variety of a language because it has not a specific region where it is spoken such as  the Standard American English in the United States or the Standard British English in Britain. It is the variety that is taught to those who want to learn the language as a foreign or second one. Moreover it is taught in most schools, it is used in the mass media, and it is found in printed English such as newspapers and books. Apart from this, it is associated with administrative, commercial and educational centres.
. Accent and dialect
Whatever the language you speak, you will have an accent and dialect. But what is the difference between them? On one hand, listening to a speaker’s accent can help you to determine where the person belongs to, regionally or s…

Portfolio entry# 10 - Summary based on the language skills-

Portfolio Entry * 9 - Thesis Statement-

Thesis Statement
How to write a thesis statement?
What is it?
This is the single,specific claim that your essay supports. It includes a topic, a determine opinion, and reasoning. It is an arguable statement, and it is the point of your paper.
Which are its parts?
It has three main parts:
the subject → the topic of the  essay
the precise opinion → your opinion on the topic of the essay, your claim, what you think about the topic.
the blueprint of reasons → your strong pieces of evidence to support your opinion. In other words, your reasons to support your claim. At least, there should be three reasons. They can be listed at the end of the statement, at the beginning of it, or in the next sentence. In addition, they persuade the reader to believe your claim.
Moreover, they will be developed in the body of your essay. You will provide detailed examples for each piece of evidence and explain what you mean about each piece of evidence.

Entry *8 - Literary essay- I am not like you...do I deserve ill-treatment?

I am not like you...do I deserve ill-treatment?
Differences among people have always been a reason for ill treatment, discrimination, solitude, sadness and not belonging. They can be tied to a variety of matters, but they all conclude with the same, negative feelings. However, differences are what make people be special and unique, but it is a well-known subject that human beings cannot deal with differences without making the other person feel that he does not belong. This notion of not belonging, as a result of dissimilarities among people, is reflected in some well-known singers’ lyrics such as U2 and Sting.
In the song, “They dance alone”, written by Sting. He presents the consequences of a hard period in Chile in which many men and women were kidnapped and murdered because of belonging to a different political party. As a result of this, Sting sings about women who are dancing alone with portraits of their loved ones. By means of this song, you get how the fact of being different m…